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House Extension and Renovation Plans
Add an extra room or simply improve the value of your home by extending or improving. Quality plans for your house extension and alterations.
New building plans
Detailed building plans produced for new buildings.
Make the most of your unused space by converting your loft or garage. We also design other conversions such as barns.
Coloured Floor plans
Coloured and textured floor plans within your marketing brochures help to sell off plan.
Architectural CAD services
Architects and property professionals can benefit with the aid of fast and accurate Architectural drawings.
3D Computer modelling
Utilise our 3D CAD services to help your clients see the project before it is complete or to visualise complex details prior to construction.
Builders for your project
Consider our list of builders known to us for quality workmanship and excellent customer service.
Building and construction links
Find specialist design consultants or other construction information.
Contact us
Enquire about our services, request a free quote or arrange an initial consultation.

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