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Commercial and Industrial building design services

Commercial and industrial buildings need not be plain boring sheds or simple brick rectangles. Sketch3D will spend time on each and every design to ensure that the buildings are not only just fit for purpose but are also visually pleasing to the eye. Although the building types are often large shells they can be complex due to the many small details required to comply with the building regulations.


Designing commercial and industrial buildings

SKETCH3D design and drafting can assist you through out the whole design process from feasibilty to completion, and with the aid of advanced 3D technologies you will be able to view and virtually walk through the designs to gain a fully and complete understanding of the space and volumes.


Architectural design services for Industrial and commercial projects include


Design partners

To get the most out of the design with the least problems Sketch3D will team up with consultants familiar with the requirements of a successful project. We will coordinate the third party services to ensure that the design is resolved as much as practical to minimise any forseable problems before to project gets to site.
Other design and documentation services includes,

  • Planning consultants
  • Surveyors
  • Energy assessors
  • Structural and Civil engineers
  • If required Quantity surveyors.

We will only recommend services that are fully insured and are qualified for the task required of them.


Working with you we will act as your agent throughout all the planning and building control applications. We can offer services such as contractor tendering and architectural site visits to ensure the development is constructed to a suitable quality.


Example designs currently available to view include


To request a free quote please phone us or fill out our online information form. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your requirements.

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