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Comparing SKETCH3D Design and Drafting

When choosing your Architectural design consultant for what can be one of your biggest investments your home, it can be difficult to see who is providing you value for money. There are plenty of 'Drafting' services offering budget house extension plans and planning applications. When this is compared to some of the more detailed services it is only natural for those who aren't directly involved in the construction industry to think its only a drawing you want, why should you pay more for what at first glance appears to be the same. The reality is different. Well presented drawings are only part of the package. If the content within those drawings is not thoughtfully considered and technically correct then the drawings could cost you considerably more during the construction than you saved during the design, and the finished product may not be what you expected.


Things to consider when selecting an Architectural design service

1. Membership of a professional body

SKETCH3D design and drafting is a registered practice with the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technolgists. With this we are required to abide by their code of conduct.


2. Dealing with a professional

Your proposal will be designed and detailed by a Chartered Architectual Technologist, trained and assessed in building technology. Chartered membership is only given to paid members who have proven their knowledge and experience. It is also a requirement for Chartered Architectural Technologists to maintain their skill levels and knowledge by attending regular Continued Professional Development seminars and events.


3. Professional insurance

SKETCH3D carries professional indemnity insurance for your protection. This is a requirement for CIAT registerd practices. Many projects require the design of steelwork and other specialist structures. We only recommend other required structural design services that carry professional insurance. It is simply not worth the risk using a practice that is not insured.


4. Document content

The plans produced by SKETCH3D have time spent on them to ensure they are as detailed as required to construct your proposal with the minimum of on site alterations. With the use of 3D building information modelling the proposal is virtually constructed allowing for plans, elevations and sections to be produced where they are required for construction rather than just where is it the easiest to draw to satisfy an application check box exercise. A further by product of this method are free 3D views of the proposal which displays the proposal in a far more user friendly way than could ever be achieved by flat 2D plans helping the untrained eye to understand in further detail what has been designed and allows the client to make early and informed comments on the design. 3D views are updated throughout the design process ensuring that your chosen builder can take advantage of having a 3D view of what is intended.


5. Architectural design fees

Fees charged by architectural design services do vary greatly from practice to practice. Some offer low cost budget plans, some work on high end percentage of build cost fees. SKETCH3D Design and Drafting are neither. We don't charge any where near the high end of the scale, however to ensure that the design is produced to the highest quality and documented properly, we have to allow for sufficient time to thoughly consider the design and its implications. As every project is unique it is impossible to have a standard set of fees however the fees calculated are always fair and offer you the best value for money. Our fees also normally include the cost of Ordnance survey plans and the preparation and submission of the planning and building control applications. What we don't include in our quotations are the fees payable to other parties such as the local authorities and other consultants required. ie Chartered Structural Engineer.

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