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The following example house plans propose extending and improving a character property that over the years has suffered from various unplanned alterations. The original house did not have a first floor bathroom or and en-suite meaning the family of 5 living in the house had to go up and down stairs during the night and all share the same bathroom and toilet facilities. The entrance door opened straight into a small dining area and externally didn't define itself as the principle entrance. The brick built garage closed off access to the rear garden without having to pass through the garage doors.

The proposed extension and alterations consists of a two storey side extension being constructed mostly over the foot print of the existing garage and over the existing family room, which was changed to be the dining room. At ground floor a larger kitchen, a utility room and a ground floor wet room were formed and at first floor two new bedrooms and an en-suite are formed. The smallest of the existing bedrooms being converted into a family bathroom accessible off the central landing.

Circulation within the house has been improved by the introduction of an entrance hall which then feeds the living spaces, wet room and kitchen, and allows easier movement throughout the house and to the existing stair well which was not altered.

A larger first floor landing was formed to firstly provide the required access to the new bedrooms, but to also make the first floor feel more open. Angled walls redistubuted space and doors without encroaching too far into the existing bedrooms. Due to closing off the existing side window with the side extension, there was concern about there being enough natural light over the stairs and landing. This concern was addressed by the specification of quality brand sun tunnels which will provide more than adequate daylight into the enclosed areas.

  • The resulting new master bedroom now benefits from an en-suite and the second bedroom formed is a good size double.
  • A good sized first floor family bathroom now serves the family in a convienient location from the bedrooms.
  • The house now has a dedicated utility room.
  • There is a wet room on the ground floor maintaining convienient access to WC facilities and an additional shower for cleaning up after outings or for visitors.
  • There is now a dedicated entrance hall with space to keep coats and decent circulation throughout the house.
  • A large kitchen now serves the house with easy access to the dining room and entrance hall.
  • The removal of the existing garage and the design of the extension now forms a passage down the side of the house for rear garden access.

Externally the front elevation was cleaned up, with the existing pitched roof front projection modified to create a defined entrance. The old entrance door was removed and the opening closed up to suit a new, better proportioned window serving the open plan study area. The side extension from the front has a modest set back to make the extension appear subservient, which is a requirement from most planning authorities, however the rear of the proposed extension is somewhat more bold with a projecting gable and a lower lean too roof. The rhythm of the existing rear gables has been maintained and the extension compliments the character of the house and ajoining property.

Due to the proximity of the neighboring dwellings, part of the design exercise was to determine shadow fall. Using our BIM compliant 3D software we were able to study the sun shadows over different times of the year at various times of the day. This helped to prove that there would be little detrimental impact on the adjoining neighbours.

The proposed house extension design is visible via an interactive 3D BIMx model.


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Example two storey side extension plans listed below

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- Sections AA - Sections BB - Section CC - Section DD - Section EE - Sun tunnel detail -


Two storey side and rear house extension - 3D ViewsTwo storey side and rear extension 3D visualisations - Return to top

Site location plans for a two storey side and rear extension.Two storey side and rear house extension Site location plans - Return to top

Existing ground floor house planExisting ground floor plan - Return to top

Existing first floor house planExisting first floor plan - Return to top

Existing house elevation drawingsExisting house elevations - Return to top

Two storey house extension ground floor planTwo storey house extension, ground floor plan - Return to top

Two storey house extension first floor planTwo storey house extension, first floor plan - Return to top

Proposed elevations of a two storey house extension planProposed two storey house extension elevations - Return to top

Two storey house extension, Section A-A through altered existing houseTwo storey house extension, Long section A-A - Return to top

Two storey house extension Long section B-BTwo storey house extension, Long section B-B - Return to top

Two storey house extension Long section C-CTwo storey house extension, Long section C-C - Return to top

Two storey house extension section D-D through rear projectionTwo storey house extension - Section D-D through rear projection - Return to top

Two storey side extension, Cross section EETwo storey house extension - Section E-E - Return to top

Sun tunnel detail providing natural light to confined landing and stairsSun tunnel used to provide natural daylight over landing and stairs - Return to top