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Example Roof remodel - Bicester

The following example design drawings are of a proposal for a roof extension. The clients existing first floor was a composite of original bedrooms and disjointed loft rooms which felt cramped to live in and didn't flow as a family house.

The proposed remodelling involved raising the roof height and the first floor redesigned to make the rooms flow and function. Utilising the entire first floor space. The opportunity to replace flat dormer roofs with balanced pitch roofed dormers was grasped, further enhancing the internal floor space and improving the external appearance.

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3D visualisation - Site plan - Existing ground floor - Existing first floor - Existing elevations - Proposed ground floor - Proposed first floor - Proposed elevations - Sections - Sections

Loft roof extension design - External 3D visualisation

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Ground floor renovation design Proposed

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First floor - loft alteration design

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House and loft renovation design - Proposed elevations

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