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Example Loft Conversion design - Milton Keynes

The following example drawings are of a proposal for a loft conversion and a single storey front extension. The clients required an additional bedroom and a study area. The roof offered the ideal volume to extend the habital space. Stairs to the loft conversion and the study area were combined making full use of the space available. Dormer roofs were incorporated into the rear elevation improving the usable floor space. The ground floor was extended towards the front to provide a larger living room and an enclosed porch.

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3D visualisation - Site location plans - Existing floor plans - Existing elevations - Proposed ground floor - Proposed first & loft floors - Proposed elevations - Section - Site plan

Loft conversion and single storey front extension design - 3D external views

3D visualisations

Loft conversion and extension design site location plans

Site location plans

Existing floor plans before loft conversion and extension

Existing floor plans

Existing house elevations before loft conversion

Existing elevations

Loft conversion and single storey front elevation proposed ground floor plan

Proposed ground floor plan

Loft conversion floor plans

Proposed first and loft floor plans

Loft conversion Proposed elevations

Proposed elevations

Loft conversion Section


Loft conversion site location plan

Site plan

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