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_ Example self build plans for a two bedroom house in a historic town centre - Milton Keynes _

The following example design drawings are of a proposed 2 bedroom semi-detached dwelling designed to include a basement on a small site in the historic town of Stony Stratford. The building plans were developed from concept to approval for a couple wishing to create a low maintenance, energy efficient dwelling within the town. The proposed home is within the Stony Stratford conservation area and is surrounded by listed buildings. The design was not only accepted by the conservation officers and planning officers within the local authority, but also met the clients requirements of having a modern, well designed home that would meet their needs now and into the future. Being on a small building plot it was important to make the design and space efficient as possible while still blending with the existing cottage being abutted to.

The completed self build home project has been shown on TV's building the dream.

This project is available to view as an interactive 3D via BIMx

Further example self build home designs.

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Photo montage 3D visualisation - Site location plans - Ground floor plan - Basement floor plan - First floor plan
Elevations 1 - Elevation 2 - Sections 1 - Sections 2 - Sections 3 - Sections 4 - Sections 5 - Sections 6
Self build farm house 3D Architectural Rendering

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New Self build 7 bed house External views

Site location and Ordnance survey plans - Return to top


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Basement floor plan - Return to top

New Self build 7 bed house Ground floor plan

First floor plan - Return to top

New Self build 7 bed house First floor plan

Proposed Front and Left side elevations - Return to top

New Self build 7 bed house Loft floor plan

Proposed Rear and Right side elevations - Return to top


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