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Permitted development increased for house extension plans 2013

With the new permitted development rules approved in 2013, consideration still has to be given the rules which apply, inparticular that the new extended 'Temporary' permitted development rules can still be overulled. Proposed home extensions designed to be outside the scope of normal permitted development will still need to be submitted to the council, the council then notifiying the neighbours. If the neighbours object within a 21 day period then its back to the council to make a decision.

So as a home owner looking to add a larger extension under the new permitted development rules, knowing that your neighbours who share a common boundary are not going to agree to it, you will still find that you are likely to be refused if what you are asking for will have an unacceptable impact on the neighbours amenity.

That aside, there are many other rules which affect permitted developement which still apply, some of which are listed below,

  • No more than half the area of land around the original house would be covered by additions or other buildings. This also includes garden sheds etc.
  • You still can't extend forward of the building line.
  • No extension is to be higher than the highest part of the existing roof.
  • The maximum height of an extension within two metres of the boundary is 3metres.
  • Side extensions are still to have a maximum height of 4metres.
  • There are of course more limitations which can be found on the planning portal.


However should your proposed extension fit within the parameters of permitted developement, the neighbours not object and the council accept the design, the whole system still doesn't make house extensions any cheaper to build.

What would really make a difference to home owners, builders and the ecomonmy as a whole would be for VAT to be reduced or removed completely from all domestic building works. This would suddenly make all building work more affordable to home owners and bring the cost of reputable builders inline with those who avoid paying taxes by taking cash jobs etc.


When enlarging your home, the style of the extension can really make a difference to the percieved value of the completed building works. It would be tempting for some to go for large flat roofs which are cheap to build, but rather unsightly in many cases, this being likely to be less acceptable than a well thought out tiled pitched roof design, which would not only be more pleasing to the eye and look less box like, but would also be less of a maintenance issue.

Who ever you choose to do your home extension plans, whether it be SKETCH3D Design and Drafting or another chartered, insured building designer, to take advantage of the new permitted developement rules or to prepare a normal planning application, remember your plans are a sales tool for your neighbours, the planning department and all those being consulted, so the design must present well to have the best chance of success. Ask your designer for 3D views, on sensitive sites, it pays to have a photomontage where practical to show the positive attributes of what you intend to do. A BIM compliant design service should be able to do this for you.

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