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Smarter planning champion 

Smarter Planning Champion status achieved



SKETCH3D Design and Drafting always strives to improve efficiency, reduce waste and provide our clients with the best service possible when designing their proposed developments.

It therefore made sense to use the planning portal for all planning applications where the local authority accepts applications electronically. Some of the advantages are:- No paper waste, no postage and no car use to get the drawings to the local authority.

With our commitment to this process over the years we are pleased to announce that we have now be accepted as a Smarter Planning Champion. A title which we have earned by a consistant approach to our documentation, ensuring that the drawings not just meet the local authorities validation requirements but are also dimensioned, to scale, well laid out and easy to read.

All designs are treated with the same level of detail and care, whether they are small house extensions or large scale developments. The only difference is the size of development. Therefore it made sense to work to a consistant format, required to be a Smarter Planning Champion.


So what is required from our documentation and planning applications.

  • The Planning Portal is to be used to submit 100% of supported application types online.
  • The Local Planning Athority local requirements have been checked before submission.
  • All attachments are submitted electronically with application.
  • If they must be combined, all plans/drawings in same document are same scale.
  • All plans/drawings include at least one dimension, paper size and show North.
  • Drawings are limited to maximum paper size of A3. Original paper size visible on all files.
  • Drawings must follow recognised naming conventions for local-level requirements.
  • Online payment used, wherever possible.
  • Meetings with LPAs for all major applications.

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