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Build to let / Build to rent - Architectural design services

As a property investor you may be considering expanding your portfolio. Finding quality easy to maintain properties at the right price always involves many hours of work and may never be exactly what you are after. The vendor may not wish to sell at a price that makes the loan to value work for securing the investment mortgage and against the rental income.

Another way is to develop or re-develop a building plot. As a property investor you are less likely to be looking at the immediate returns of a building developer who plans to sell their developments straight away, this allows you to secure building plots at a slightly higher price than the developers yet by constructiing energy efficient, low maintenance dwellings to suit the rental market, you will end up with easy to let properties with a comfortable rental yeild either on your own or as part of a group with each member contributing to the development to see a return in the form of rental income and equity.

You may have found land for sale. Check if there is a planning approval on the land before purchasing, otherwise talk to the local authority planning department before making any offer on the land to see if there is any possibilty of developement. You may already have a house with room to construct a new dwelling beside it. This is an ideal way to grow your portfolio with a much lower outlay.


You don't have to do this on your own
It is possible to join other property investors to purchase and develop multiple dwelling sites, thereby reducing your own outlay. You and the other investors become the property developers, then recoup your money by then becoming the end customer and transfering the debt into buy to let mortgages, releasing your intial outlay for other purposes or further investment.
Contact Sketch3d about build to let developements, and we could be able to put you in touch with other potentially interested and suitably financed investors.


Designing build to let investment properties
SKETCH3D design and drafting can assist you from detailed design through to construction. We understand the rental market and can design dwellings, apartments and commercial properties to suit your needs as an investor.


Architectural design services we provide include


Working with you we will act as your agent throughout all the planning and building control applications. We can offer services such as contractor tendering and architectural site visits to ensure the development is constructed to a suitable quality.


Looking for built to let development land?
Below is a list of online property agents we have compiled who may be able to help your search for developement sites. We are not affiliated with any of these sources.

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  • Self Build ABC -


To request a free quotation for your build to let proposal please phone us or fill out our online information form. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your requirements.


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