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Garage plans and designs

SKETCH3D has a range of pre-designed garage plans available for purchase in England and Wales. It works simply by choosing the design that bests matches your requirements. Fill out the order form along with a brief description of minor changes you would like to make such as length, width, external finishes, door positions. Then make a purchase online.

We will within 7 days email a draft plan to you for comment. At this point you can if you wish mark up the draft with any minor changes you wish to make and send this back to us to produce the final design.

If the garage requires a planning approval we can handle the paperwork for you. You will however need to pay the council application fee directly to the council. Unfortunately the planning system is out of our control. Planning approvals and time scales cannot be guaranteed.

Our drawing packages will be ready for submission to building control. We can act as agent for you for the plans approval. You will however need to pay your local building control authority directly for their fees. Once you have a plans approval you can appoint a builder and commence work.

If changes you make to a standard design require specialist design services such as a structural engineer we can coordinate this on your behalf however you will be responsible for payment of additional design services directly.


What is generally included in our garage plan designs:

  • 3D perspective views of the garage - This forms the cover page of the garage plans allowing you and your building contractor to see what it is that is going to be built.
  • Site location plan/Ordinance survey map for standard house sites. (Large acreage sites will incur additional costs to cover OS map license fees)
  • Floor plans - Dimensioned and annotated.
  • Elevations - Annotated with pitches and external finishes.
  • Sections - Heights dimensioned and construction information annotated.
  • Construction notes and details - Information for the building control application.


If none of our garage designs meet your needs we can design a garage to suit your requirements. To obtain a quotation for bespoke garage design please use our quotation request form.

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